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Motorcycle Protector Trousers

Protective pants are important protective equipment for motorcyclists. you are with equipped with special protective protectors positioned in places where a impact in a fall is likely. These protectors offer protection against bruises or fractures in the hip and leg zone as well as in the thigh and foot area. Protector pants thus offer comprehensive protection for the lower body area. >> read on

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Fabulous protector pants for best protection

Basically, protector pants can be worn like long underpants. Therefore, they can easily be worn under stylish biker jeans or leather pants.

At Best Moto Styles you will find a wide range of protective pants for motorcyclists. We offer protector pants for motocross and enduro riders, but also for road traffic. Our protector pants are equipped with hard shell protectors or soft protectors and offer optimal protection for the hips, tailbone and thigh muscles.

The Forcefield Pro Pant XV2 Air is a high-quality protector pant for motorcyclists that we offer in our range. It ensures maximum safety and comfort. The protector pants are equipped with CE-approved protective protectors that are placed in the places where an impact is to be expected in the event of a fall. It therefore offers comprehensive protection for the lower body area. It is made of light and breathable material, which ensures optimal ventilation and a comfortable fit. The hard shell protectors on the hips, tailbone and thighs are made of durable D3O material and offer a high level of protection in the event of an impact. The protector pants are also equipped with a removable hip protector and knee protectors that can be positioned individually

If you are looking for high-quality protective pants for motorcyclists, then you have come to the right place at Best Moto Styles. We offer a large selection of protective pants at attractive prices and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Order today and protect yourself optimally on your next motorcycle adventure!