Motorcycle System helmets

Motorcycle System helmets

Modular and system helmets are among the innovative motorcycle helmets that offer a combination of comfort and functionality. These helmets combine the advantages of full face helmets and modular helmets, making them a very popular choice among motorcyclists. >> read on

LS2 ADVANT SOLID Touring Modular Helmet from KPA - flat titanium

Convertible and very versatile helmet with 180º rotating chin guard for excellent protection, comfort, and convenience.

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Innovative modular and system helmets

A modular helmet or system helmet is a motorcycle helmet with a movable Chin bar that can be removed for maximum comfort and better visibility. Unlike a flip-up helmet, where the chin bar remains attached to the helmet, the chin bar on a modular helmet can be completely removed. This further increases the flexibility and versatility of the helmet as the rider can use the helmet either as a full face helmet or as an open face helmet.

The main advantage of modular and system helmets is their versatility. The detachable chin guard allows riders to quickly and easily switch between a full face helmet and an open face helmet depending on need and weather conditions. The chin guard also offers better protection of the facial area in the event of an accident, improving rider safety. In addition, the detachable chin bar allows for better ventilation and a more comfortable riding experience in higher temperatures.

Another advantage of modular and system helmets is their high functionality. Many of these helmets feature advanced technologies such as front and rear ventilation. The fit and the inner lining can often be adjusted to the individual needs of the rider to ensure maximum comfort and a perfect fit.

Our range offers unique system helmets and modular helmets from first-class production. The qualitative processing ensures a resistant helmet that gives you confident security and best comfort. In addition, the models are stylishly designed and have a unique appearance. Discover our products now.