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Alpine is number 1 in hearing protection.
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Best protection for your ears with Alpine

Did you know that at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour an average volume of 98 decibels is generated? This means that after just 7 minutes you are at risk of hearing damage. With Alpine earplugs you can ride your motorcycle safely and without hesitation. Whether you ride your motorcycle to work every day or take an occasional ride, there is a risk of hearing damage with every ride. That's why you shouldn't do without protecting your ears. At BestMotoStyles you will find a wide range of Alpine earplugs specially designed for motorcyclists. With these products, you can not only protect the health of your ears, but also increase your safety on the road.

Alpine is the number 1 manufacturer of hearing protection. They rely on sustainable materials and qualitative processing of the earplugs. The special thing about Alpine hearing protection earplugs is that traffic and the communication system are still clearly audible. Ideal for highway driving, racetracks or for driving with an open helmet. Alpine earplugs are the only motorcycle earplugs with soft filters that provide optimal sound isolation while maintaining adequate hearing ability. They are also very comfortable to wear and fit perfectly under the helmet thanks to AlpineThermoShape™ material. The soft material is silicone-free and feels comfortable on the skin.

In our range you will find various models of Alpine earplugs which, depending on the model, have been designed for racetracks, touring or driving on the motorway. The high-quality workmanship makes the Alpine earplugs a practical and comfortable companion on every motorcycle ride.

Discover the first-class Alpine hearing protection earplugs and enjoy every ride without suffering any damage.